Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Boring Yeti Seats Get A Makeover

can i use a stanley knife on a car seat?
The seats in my Yeti have always bored me - they're bland and uninteresting.
Time to do something radical.

Actually, I already did something radical... and I didn't like these made-to-order seat covers moments after I fitted them.
And Red was definitely NOT the way to go. What was I thinking?

buy branded seat covers for skoda, vw, seat car
But I am not going to hunt for a pair of complete seats to buy and install because, if nothing else my seats are in near perfect condition (as is my entire Yeti).
And my seats are heated.
And they both have those great little storage draws.
And because buying a pair of Yeti front seats just to change the colour is madness.

A search online and I find what I think might work

where to get car interior trim braid?

Click to view self-adhesive leather style braid trim on Amazon
I order and my parcel arrives fast.
Here we go then...

skoda yeti cloth seats are boring

This self-adhesive leather style braid trim comes in various colours and I have chosen Blue

My thinking is it might be inline with the exterior colour of my Yeti (Aqua Blue Metallic).
I'm just going to try putting it in a few of the seams of my seats then I will see what's what.
The sticky backing seems powerful.

can cloth seats in a car be improved?
I am applying pressure with my thumb all along each strip that I stick to my seat.

Working with this braid trim is proving to be a doddle - I can manipulate it easily👍

Cutting it is no problem.

should i cut my car cloth seat?
I'm just applying it to my front seats.

I removed my rear seats five years ago when I bought my Yeti

As a content single guy I will never use them.
Plus I get improved fuel economy because those rear seats are heavy.

skoda yeti becomes a van by removing rear seats
So now to the gear shift gaiter...

refurbish skoda gear shift gaiter
I remove the clip then remove the gear knob (which I replaced fours years ago, by the way).

how to remove skoda gear gaiter?
skoda yeti leather gear shift gaiter
I cut enough of the new leather braid strip to fold over and go inside the gaiter a little...

is it possible to retrim interior of skoda?


fit new gear gaiter to skoda yeti
freshen front seats in skoda, vw, seat car
how to retrim skoda yeti front seats?
brush clean skoda front seats
Well at least he approves...

stick mask on car headrest
Thanks for visiting.
And feel free to stay tuned for more Yeti modifications I have planned.
Here's the self-adhesive leather style braid trim if you want to check the price...

is leather braid trim for cars good quality?

Click to view self-adhesive leather style braid trim on Amazon
Need something else for your Yeti?

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