Saturday, July 13, 2019

Updating Škoda Logo On Yeti Steering Wheel

Swapping Škoda logo on yeti steering wheel
This is the final place left on my Yeti where the old Green Skoda logo remains.
Today I'm getting rid of it.

I have already upgraded  my new wheels and centre caps, plus new updated badges front and rear, I have even updated my key fob emblems
But the final old Green logo is here...

Yes, right in the centre of my steering wheel, where a big ol' airbag lurks underneath ­čśČ

old green skoda log on yeti steering wheel
Maybe it can be pried off, but I am not the man to try it!
I don't even want to give it a light sanding.
I'll think about what to do with it, but first I must locate some new design Skoda stickers.

I need at least two 'cause I'm bound to mess things up on my first attempt ­čśĆ

Taking measurements shows that I can go up to a maximum of 56mm before I need to trim the new badge.
Well well, a search online throws up some carbon fiber style wheel centre stickers in a pack of four... perfect.
I order and they arrive fast.

carbon fiber wheel stickers

I think what I will do is stick one of these new stickers directly on top of the original

First, I clean the original.
Second, I line up the new sticker then place it firmly over the original.
Third, I use my sunglasses cleaning cloth to hunt and destroy any air bubbles.

removing air bubbles from car sticker
Good times.

cockpit of 2010 skoda yeti ambition plus
Škoda Yeti driving in Czech Republic
Thanks for visiting.
And feel free to stay tuned for more Yeti modifications I have planned.
If you need Skoda logo stickers & emblems they are available here on Amazon

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