Sunday, March 03, 2019

Spotted: Crazy Trabant Monster Truck

big wheeled trabant spotted

I nearly crashed my Yeti when I spotted this contraption.
Please say this isn't road legal?

And if it has 'passed' a technical test it surely did so with a bribeđź’°

This is the Czech Republic, after all! 

massive wheels installed on custom trabant
The land this is on isn't very large, so what is it used for?
Cutting the grass? Flattening the grass?
Chasing away intruders?
How fast can this thing go?
If the owner had come out when I was taking these pictures be sure that I would have put these questions to him.

how big are trabant wheels and tyres?
rear end of a trabant

This owner cares nothing that the Trabant has long hit Classic Car status

Strick rules apply to classic cars if you want to retain their value.
And also not be chastised by purists.
Restoration = fine.
Customisation = maybe, if it adds to the classic car's appeal.
But what the hell is this... butchery, or just somebody's sense of humour coming out?

a butchered trabant abused

And if the owner of this has kids I can imagine they're forever nagging him for a ride in it

How would they get in it?

can a trabant tow?
I suppose I have to feel a little sorry for this old Trabant.
It will never be granted entry to vintage car meets / shows.

The Trabant owners society want nothing to do with it

American monster truck show organisers would laugh their tailpipes off.
It will never be taking the family to church on Sundays.
And it will never know the sensation of being washed, waxed and vacuumed.

It is Frankenstein

Farewell, my strange friend.

restore or customize a trabant?

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