Saturday, March 02, 2019

Saying Adiós To The Skoda Yeti Chrome Grille

take off skoda yeti front grille
Chrome does not fit the look I am going for with my Yeti.
Let's change it.

Silver plastic trim parts are fine, like these decorative sill covers I recently fitted. But metal chrome bits are not for me.
Let’s get these two chrome pieces off and to a professional body shop for spraying.

manual bonnet stay on skoda
A Torx screw either side to remove…

remove torx screws attaching front grille
And four securing grommets.
I get my screwdriver underneath and prise them upwards
They’re good to reuse.

grommets that secure front yeti grille
Carefully, but with purpose I tug at the grille, towards me, a small section at a time.

I hear healthy sounding ‘clicks’ as each section lets go of my Yeti and comes away

The emblem came off easy enough because I upgraded it recently.
I inspect everything and nothing is damaged.

remove skoda grille without damaging it
Now to remove the chrome piece on the bonnet.
Starting with this Torx screw…

lots of torx screws in vw cars
Now I have to remove the Skoda badge and also the black frame that has the cooling fins on it.
There is a securing clip attached to the trim and in several of these holes – I use a 5mm socket to push each one upwards, which releases their grip from the bonnet.
It works well and nothing gets broken.

clips holding skoda badge to bonnet
So now let’s prise this off, a small section at a time.

And carefully 😬

prise off grille section on car hood
skoda de grilled

Not pretty, but I am trying to stay focused on the end result: my Yeti de-chromed

I lock my Yeti up and retreat to my flat to continue the work.
I use a knife from my kitchen – thin and blunt – to prise away each retaining clip on the frame.

use kitchen knife as a pry tool on car
Nothing breaks. 😇

difficult or easy to remove skoda yeti grille?
Now I have to get these to the body shop for spraying.
I'll attach the grille frame back on my Yeti otherwise the radiator has no protection at all from flying debris!

de-chrome skoda or vw
My requirement is to turn these chrome trim pieces into a long lasting, durable matt black finish.
And they must withstand a monthly jet wash💪
I set off for the body shop and drop off the parts.

Nine days later and my grille parts are finally ready

I install them, and...

problem parking in czech republic
Good times. 😎

yeti parking in tight spots
Thanks for visiting.
And feel free to stay tuned for more Yeti modifications I have planned.

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