Friday, August 09, 2019

Upgrading Yeti Gear Knob

how to swap a skoda yeti gear knob?
The gear knob in my Yeti cuts the inside of my hands regularly these days.
I will solve that today by upgrading it.

The silver plastic head is cracked. It is flicking up and it's sharp.
I know these heads can be replaced, but there is also a little wear on the leather part of the gear knob as well. 
My Yeti is coming up for nine years old, after all.

worn skoda yeti gear knob
A search online throws up many options. I am tempted by lots of them. 🤪

I hum and haw over the styles then finally make a decision

I order and it arrives fast.

order a replacement gear shifter for skoda, vw, seat car
Better than the original. It even has 'YETI' embossed in chunky letters on either side of it.
Just take a look at this beauty...

embossed yeti gear knob
direct vw gear knob replacement
Let's replace this tired old gear knob that likes to cut the inside of my hands.
I have to ease my flat-head screwdriver tip between the gaiter frame and centre console...

remove skoda gear stick gaiter

A gentle lever action until I hear a healthy 'click' sound

I do that  all the way around and the frame separates from the console without damage.

working on a skoda yeti interior
I pull the gaiter over the gear knob to as far as it will go.
Now there's like a large circlip that needs to come off.
And then a plastic clip.

releasing skoda gear knob
Not too difficult...

skoda yeti gear knob missing

I poke my new gear knob through the gaiter and secure it with the plastic clip.

secure the gear shifter gaiter on skoda, vw, seat
easy to replace skoda gear knob?
I attach to the gear stick and secure with the circlip.
Now clip the frame back into the centre console, and...


a 6 speed gear knob replacement for skoda cars
how to fit skodayeti gear knob?
And no more cut palms.
Good times. 😎
Thanks for visiting.
Feel free to stay tuned for more Yeti modifications I have planed.
If you also want to upgrade / replace the gear knob on your Yeti they are available here on Amazon

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