Saturday, February 01, 2020

Yeti Engine Dressing: The TSi Lettering

Skoda tsi letters
Engine dressing is essential now that my Yeti will be 10-years old this year.
Let's paint some stuff under the bonnet.

Today I will do something with the TSI letters.
I buy a permanent red marker.

red marker under hood
The area cleaned, let's get going...

painting under hood


I hate it. This maker can never make these letters look good.

I need another idea😒

Okay back to the DIY store for a tin of model paint and some brushes.

The permanent red marker doesn’t want to come off (that’s permanent for you!)

I'll paint over it...

use model paint in engine bay
skoda tsi 1.2 engine compartment


I hate it. The more coats I apply the tackier it looks.
I need a new idea🤨
Walking around the DIY store for the third time today I spot something hanging in a section of signs for doors and offices and businesses.
Well well, I wonder…

is dressing the engine worth it?

So let’s try this idea and see if a good result can be achieved🙏

red color under hood
using hobby knife on engine
what does vw tsi stand for?
vw tsi engine nice

Okay so my first two tries were💩

But I am definitely happy with this.

Volkswagen 1.2 tsi motor
perfect skoda yeti petrol engine
Thanks for visiting.
And feel free to stay tuned for more Yeti modifications I have planned.

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