Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Yeti Gets New Discs And Pads

new brake rotors for skoda suv
It's when I upgraded my alloys that I noticed my brake discs and pads could all do with changing.
Let's get new brakes on my Yeti today.

Although I will get my trusted mechanic do the work I will buy everything myself

I always do. It stops him adding his mark-up!
The price he has quoted me for this work is 800czk (about £27), which is great.
I locate my brake pads and brake discs online and order them.
They arrive fast.

brake discs and pads set for skoda yeti
8:00 am is the agreed time and I'm at the mechanic's workshop exactly then; he is waiting for me.

He sets about his work immediately and sends my pride and joy into the air

skoda yeti in for repairs
Maybe these are the originals from 2010?

rusty skoda brake discs
My mechanic is taking his time and is thorough, about 15 minutes each corner.
I like it.

old vs. new brake discs / rotors for vw / skoda / seat
He asks me to jump in and pump the brake pedal a few times until it feels right.
10:07 am and it's all over.
The casualty list...

scrap pile of brakes
Good times.

new brakes all round on skoda yeti
Thanks for visiting.
If you need Yeti brake pads they're available here on Amazon
And brake discs for the Yeti are here on Amazon

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I will get a small commission, although not every time.
The extra pennies help me to pay the annual cost of the domain name.
I thank you for your support.

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