Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Yeti Rear Bump Stops Replacement

rotten skoda bump stops
Last week my Yeti was at the garage having new discs and pads.
I really don't know why I didn't get these rotten bump stops done at the same time

I never noticed them, I suppose until my yeti was in the air with its wheels off. 
As usual when it comes to most parts, I have opted to buy the bump stops myself and prevent my mechanic from adding any mark-up. 
I order and they arrive fast.

quality skoda yeti bump stops
It’s 8:04 am when I pull up outside the mechanic's workshop for the second time in a week.
And just like last week, he’s waiting for me. Raring to go it seems (he doesn't want his face shown).
Up she goes again…

repair skoda yeti suspension

My STK (MOT test) is due in two months and this would definitely have caused my Yeti to fail 😟

mot failure bump stops
Shock absorber needs to come off so as to get at the offending bump stop...

remove skoda yeti shock absorbers
replacing bump stops on a skoda or vw
Of course he repeats the process on the other side.

axle stands supporting suv
And the casualty list...

should bump stops be replaced?

The 9 am news comes blaring out of the workshop radio and the mechanic lowers my Yeti onto the ground

It’s all done.

garage completed work on skoda yeti
stk inspection of bump stops
Thanks for visiting.
If you need bump stops for your Yeti they are available here on Amazon

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