Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Spotted: Abandoned Renault Twingo

renault twingo destroyed in most, czech republic
Today I pulled my Yeti into Kaufland car park to do some shopping.
That's when I spotted this sorry sight.😕

Here in the Czech Republic the first generation Renault Twingo is everywhere.

And it doesn't seem to only appeal to a certain age group - anyone drives them

So with parts a plenty, and probably dirt cheap why would someone just dump their Twingo like this?

wrecked twingo abandoned
Some of this Twingo's engine is on the ground underneath it. Its alternator is lying on the back seat.
Sills are rusted through. Tyres flat as pancakes. 
The body is covered in dents and deep scratches.
The owner cared nothing about fitting a towbar on this little 1.0 liter.😡

This Twingo is deceased

how long does a renault twingo last?
rotten renault twingo interior
About 2.5 million first generation Renault Twingos were produced, between 1993 and 2012.
It was only ever sold as a left-hand drive.

This explains why I had never even seen a Twingo during my past life in England

Now I see at least four every day.
Twingos are economical motoring.

And being French, they're quirky, in a good way (for a change!)

towbar on renault twingo one
I hate to see cars end up like this. It doesn't matter to me what car it is.
And I think owners that abandon cars in this way deserve to be traced and slapped with big financial penalties.

Personally, I wish these people weren't able to own a car in the first place

In the meantime, all we can do for this victim of neglect and abuse is try to immortalise it digitally.
Long after this Twingo's physical body has been chainsawed into pieces and recycled into Ikea's latest dishwasher, its image will forever remain, right here, on the World Wide Web.
RIP, little fellow. 😥

face of a renault twingo one

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