Sunday, September 16, 2018

Replacing Yeti Left Mirror Blinker

diy on yeti blinker
No way am I paying a garage to replace this kaput blinker on my Yeti.
Let's install it.

I noticed it wasn't working when I changed my mirror covers from Blue to Black a couple of months ago.
I checked all fuses first... they're all good.
So I jump online and order a new blinker. Part number: 5L0949101B.
As always, it arrives fast.

skoda blinker part number 5L0949101B
Because I have already taken all this apart before when I changed my mirror covers I know exactly what to do this time.

So I need to tilt the mirror to its maximum so that I can get my fingernail underneath a little

Then I prise along the edge…

tilting skoda yeti driver's mirror
The mirror will give a definite ‘click’ sound when it separates from the housing. 

Any other type of sound and it'll probably mean bad news 😨

These two heated mirror wires just pull off…

do not break heated mirror wires on skoda
missing heated mirror skoda yeti
Now I need to remove two Torx screws...

lots of torx screws on vw group cars

With them out, I now need to push downwards on two tabs that are gripping the outer shell

heated mirror wires on vw group cars
Now I hold the front mirror housing with my right hand and I pry open the rear cover with my nails of my left hand.

separating two halves of skoda wing mirror
Here’s the part I am replacing:

It just wiggles loose – no Torx screws this time

Just a wire connected at the back.

a broken indicator on a skoda yeti
Out comes the new blinker for a comparison.
Yes. Looks like good times.

side repeaters on vw group cars

And now, problems 😡
The connector to the old blinker is being a pain to unclip.
With just my fingers I can’t do it. I wiggle it in every direction and still it will not let go of whatever it's gripping hold of.

I take a screwdriver and lever it a bit – it kind of breaks

Not good. 😬

indicator connector cable skoda

Anyway, the offending blinker is off.
If it has never been changed then it is eight years old.
I'll give it a dignified burial, instead of smashing it to smithereens.
Let's squirt a little WD-40 on it and hope it'll work just fine.🙏

use wd40 on car wires for winter
And now let’s connect the new blinker before reassembling and see if it works…

not dynamic side repeaters on skoda yeti
testing new left skoda blinker
Good times. 😎

installed new blinker on vw group car

Let’s not pay extortionate labour charges to garages for our Yeti maintenance whenever possible

And doing things ourselves can give us a great sense of accomplishment.
Thanks for visiting.
If you also need a blinker for your Yeti it is available here on Amazon

Need something else for your Yeti?
Amazon currently lists HUNDREDS of Yeti Parts & Accessories

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If you buy something from one of these links, you will not pay a penny more.
I will get a small commission, although not every time.
The extra pennies help me to pay the annual cost of the domain name.
I thank you for your support.

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