Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Bulbs Swap For Yeti: PIAA Xtreme White Plus

clear headlamp on a skoda yeti
How to be content these days with yellowish halogen beams? My Yeti deserves better.
Today, I will install Xtreme White bulbs.

These PIAA Xtreme White Plus bulbs will keep me within the law. 

And they will give me White light... perfect

Naturally, it's safer to see further when it's dark out there. 
I do not want to hit wildlife if I can help it. 
Foxes, badgers, rabbits and hares all seem to possess the same death wish don't they?
Drunk humans too.

My Yeti is tough, but so is a fully-grown deer or wild pig 😨

Powerful white beams penetrating the darkness should help keep me and my Yeti safe.
I find the PIAA Xtreme Whites online and order them.
They arrive fast.

change halogen bulbs in skoda yeti
Let's rip open the box and see exactly what I've bought.

install piaa extreme white plus bulbs
So let's make a start.

Škoda hasn't been kind here... no room to work when changing headlamp bulbs👎

Only my thumb can get onto the spring clip holding the bulb in.
I'll try removing the fusebox cover and maybe that will gain me some workspace.

remove fusebox cover on a skoda yeti
I consider my hands to be of normal size yet still I'm struggling in here.

Škoda, what is going on? 

A simple bulb change is this awkward, really?

difficult to replace headlight bulbs in a skoda yeti
Finally, I've got the clip off at the back of the old bulb.🥴

can skoda yeti halogens be changed?
better halogen bulbs for skoda yeti
Now let's get a new PIAA in there.
I won't touch the bulb itself...

install new head light bulbs yourself skoda, vw, seat cars
Of course I repeat the other side then pack the original bulbs away as spares.

Carrying spare bulbs (and fuses) seems to be a legal requirement here on mainland Europe

I don't forget to put the round inner covers back onto the lights' housings.
And the fusebox cover back on.

inspecting the boot storage of a skoda yeti
Here's what my new headlamps look like in the daytime, isn't that blue tip gorgeous?

skoda daytime running lights turned off
And at night...


are white lights on car legal?
To the Czech Republic's wildlife... you're welcome!
Thanks for visiting.
And feel free to stay tuned for more Yeti modifications I have planned.
If you also fancy these PIAA Xtreme White Plus bulbs they're available here on Amazon

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I thank you for your support.

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