Saturday, March 04, 2023

Add Steering Wheel Controls To Yeti

Tunai bluetooth
My Yeti is a 2010 Ambition Plus and it left the Skoda factory without steering wheel controls.
Let's fix that.

I have solved the issue today by adding the Tunai Bluetooth button.
I order online and it arrives fast.

bluetooth remote for bike and cars

Click to view the Tunai Bluetooth button on Amazon

This Tunai button works by controlling my phone

remote control for bluetooth phone
At the same time my phone is connected to my Pioneer SPH-10BT head unit, also via Bluetooth.
Tunai claim the CR2032 battery will last three years with regular use.
Once it is paired with your Android or Apple phone it only needs any one of its buttons pressing to wake it up from standby - a blue LED will flash then go out.

tunai button attached to car steering wheel
All the buttons function perfectly: mute and unmute, track pause and play, volume up and down, track forward and back.
The 'Call' button is a 'Home' button when paired with an Android phone. 

On an iPhone pressing 'Call' will answer a call

Pressing a combination of two particular buttons will even cause your phone to take a photo, but I won't be using this feature.

Tunai steering wheel controller
Three thick rubber straps are provided and I have used the largest one to mount the button holder at the bottom of my steering wheel.
The holder and the button snap together via a powerful magnet, making changing the battery (in three years time) simple.

IPX7 waterproof means this Tunai button can even be used on a motorbike, scooter or bicycle

I could not be more satisfied with this solution.

My Yeti has steering wheel controls at last 😎

skoda yeti with steering wheel controls
Thanks for visiting.
And feel free to stay tuned for more Yeti modifications I have planned.
Here's the Bluetooth remote controller for Android & Apple if you want to check the price...

where to buy bluetooth remote control for phone?

Click to view the Tunai Bluetooth button on Amazon
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