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Saturday, June 13, 2020

Upgrade Yeti Washer Bottle Lid Funnel

skoda washer bottle funnel
As far as upgrades go, fitting a washer bottle lid funnel is the easiest thing I've done.

A quick online search and I find what I'm looking for.
I place my order and it arrives fast.

lid funnel for skoda yeti
So let's fit it.
Off with the old...

lid funnel original vw

No need to consult the instructions but I do anyway 😏

how to fit skoda yeti washer bottle lid
Off course the new lid just pops on.
All done.

replace lid funnel for skoda washer bottle
installed washer bottle lid for yeti
Thanks for visiting.
And feel free to stay tuned for more Yeti modifications I have planned.
Skoda Yeti washer bottle lid funnel available on Amazon

Just a heads up: many of my posts contain affiliate links of products I have bought for my Yeti.
If you buy something from one of these links, you will not pay a penny more.
I will get a small commission, although not every time.
The extra pennies help me pay the annual cost of the domain name.
I thank you for your support.

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