Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Yeti Rear Tail Light Replacement

Buy skoda bulbs at supermarket
Regular readers will know that my Yeti sailed through its statutory STK (MOT test) two weeks ago. 
But there was one advisory.

My passenger side rear light is dimmer than the driver's side.

The two bulbs that live in there are on, but one side is dim

Let's fix that now...

skoda yeti rear lights are dim

First thing to do is park up at Tesco then run inside and grab a couple of bulbs

I join the queue of shoppers, then eventually it is my turn and I pay.

what bulbs for skoda yeti tail lights?
I will fit these here in Tesco's car park.
I keep my trusty compact tools set in my Yeti. 
In the set are Torx screwdrivers. And that's good, because almost every job I do on my Yeti seems to involve Torx screws.
Two Torx screws to undo...

how to remove skoda yeti rear light?
Once they're out there's some fiddling to be done before the lens comes away.

It is tight and doesn't want to come away - I just need to be careful 😰

Removing the rear lens of a skoda yeti
That was not comfortable. But, the lens is off and didn't crack anywhere.
Okay so what is here? 
I see two outer locking tabs and one inner locking tab. Easy push to release.

assemble rear skoda yeti lamp and lens
And one Torx screw...

disassemble skoda yeti rear light
And this explains everything... these two little bulbs have turned Silver.
So is this what they do over time?

bulbs in rear yeti lens turned silver
Out they come...

skoda bulbs have turned silver from age
New bulbs in and lights switched on for a test before reassembly.

fitting new rear bulbs in skoda yeti
Good times 🤗

skoda yeti stationary
Oh no!

A warning light has now appeared on the MFD 😯

warning on skoda mfd
Okay. So what to do now?
Maybe I'll ask the members on the UK Skoda Yeti Owners Club forum if they have experienced this.
I do.
And they inform me that actually I have bought the wrong bulbs.

I bought W3W bulbs - I should've bought W5W 😕

The correct bulbs will stop the MFD nag - the error messages will disappear.
 They also advise me to buy two pairs and replace both sides, not just one side.
It's back inside Tesco for me.

fit w5w bulbs to skoda rear lamps
I'm removing both rear light clusters this time and fitting the four new W5W bulbs...

skoda yeti rear light clusters removal
New bulbs in, let's check if they all work and are of the same brightness...

open the tail gate of a skoda yeti

both rear lights working on skoda
And there's no nag from the MFD.
It really is good times. 😎

instrument cluster on skoda, vw, seat car
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