Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Yeti Gets Heko Wind Deflectors

Škoda Yeti Heko wind deflectors
The different brands of wind deflectors are many, but Heko are one of the best it seems.
Today I'll fit them to my Yeti.

If you browse the numerous Skoda Yeti forums, dedicated Yeti Facebook pages etc. it is clear that Yeti owners are well aware of our car’s ONE and ONLY design flaw. Unfortunately for us, it’s quite a big one.

There can be no open window for us if it is raining👎

Not even a little bit.
Rain seems to be commanded by the Heavens to chase us Yeti owners down at every turn and attack our driver’s window. If that rain finds an opening, however slight, well... !

I've learnt the hard way - when it rains, my driver's window is rammed shut

You might think with the rain forever wreaking terror and destruction upon Mazdas it has no time to bother our feisty Yetis.
It finds time. And it has a sadistic taste for our switch panel. 😯

window switch for skoda yeti
But I WANT my driver’s window open a lot of the time. 

I want people to hear my Metallica - 'The Black Album' blasting out of my Yeti, raining or not

Why should I be denied this?
Wind deflectors are the answer.👍
I order online the Heko Smoked deflectors.
They arrive fast.

smoked heko wind deflectors for skoda yeti
Škoda yeti heko wind

So I’ll start by running this screwdriver all along the rubber channel

Eviction time for any moths and other freeloaders that think it’s okay to squat in there. It isn’t.😡

clearing the yeti window channel with screwdriver
Before I peel off these strips of yellow tape I just want to make sure these are the right deflectors for my Yeti.

testing the fit of heko wind deflector
Yep. Looks like good times.
Yellow tape peeled off. I'll feed the Heko into the channel, starting from the wing mirror end.

And now I have to bend this last part 😦

It's scary to bend plastic like this. But I’m sure it must be done this way.

bending heko wind deflector to fit
I’m going to fit two of these clips that are supplied to every deflector.
I test where the deflector wobbles the most and push in the clip about an inch away from the wobble.
Shiny side facing outwards.

how to secure heko wind deflectors
Moth-evicting screwdriver returns. I use it to push the clip up.

tools needed to install heko deflectors
Testing the window and it’s making contact with the deflector in the channel somewhere and the anti-pinch detector is sending the window tumbling back down again.
I fiddle a bit. Test. Fiddle some more. Test again. Fiddle again.
And then it works itself clear and is moving freely.

In fact my window is now flying up and down like no one's business

Right, to the rear.
Let's clear the window channel of crud...

Škoda rear glass channel
The Heko goes in, but...

back windows heko wind deflectors
I spot the rubber is pinched in some places. 
I must deal with it. I'll use the screwdriver once again.

pinched rubber on skoda yeti rear window
do not pinch the rubber when fitting wind deflectors
I put a clip in either end.

diy installation of heko wind deflektors
Testing with the electric button and the rear window moves freely.
Round to the other side and fit the other two deflectors.


driver's side window skoda yeti
completion time wind deflectors installation
I live in a block of flats so I did this job in a supermarket car park.
But I had no distractions doing this today.

Tesco management kindly cleared their car park for me 😎

tesco in the czech republic

most,czech republic tesco supermarket
Thanks for visiting.
And feel free to stay tuned for more Yeti modifications I have planned.
If you fancy Heko Wind Deflectors for your Yeti they are available here on Amazon

Need something else for your Yeti?
Amazon currently lists HUNDREDS of Yeti Parts & Accessories

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I thank you for your support.

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