Friday, August 10, 2018

Skoda Yeti Oil Change - Do It Ourselves?

under the bonnet of a skoda yeti 1.2 petrol engine
Do I maintain my Yeti myself or should I trust a garage to service it?
The VW 1.2 TSI engine needs regular maintenance, doesn't it?

If I opt to take care of it myself aren't I negatively impacting its resale value? There'll be no stamps in the service book for one thing.
On the plus side there's a lot of money to be saved.
We all know how dealers and independents rip us off with their astronomical labour charges and heavily marked-up prices on parts and service items.
Another plus for DIY is knowing my Yeti will receive the best care. Every time.
And will actually get the quality oil and filters it's supposed to have.

Stories are plentiful of dealers and independent garages being exposed as charlatans

Some garages claiming to have changed the oil and filters, but didn’t. Others putting nasty cheap oil in and using cheap filters but invoicing for the premium stuff.
This rattles my confidence. And with those astronomical hourly rates to contend with as well. 

So I rethought my Yeti’s care plan soon after buying it and I’m okay with doing things myself, using an independent only for things I simply cannot do, like the new timing chain and water pump, new brake discs and pads, bump stops, etc.

And so, to the oil and filter change…

The best oil for my Yeti’s 1.2 TSI petrol engine (code CBZC) is Castrol Edge Titanium 5W-30

I bought five litres – Yeti engines need a full four litres, so I have a litre spare for next time.

Castrol Edge Titanium 5W-30 for skoda yeti
I also bought four Bosch filters:
  • oil filter
  • air filter
  • fuel filter
  • cabin/pollen filter
​How much would the dealer or an independent have marked these up by, I wonder?

service items for skoda yeti online

Piece of mind - all this quality stuff is in/on my Yeti

And the work has been done a lot cheaper than any dealer or independent would have done it for.
If they’d actually done it at all!​
So what about you? Is it main dealer only for your Yeti’s maintenance? Or will you choose the same route as me?
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