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Yeti Gets Pioneer VREC-170RS Dash Cam

how to install dash cam in skoda yeti?
Installing a dash camera in my Yeti might be less daunting than actually choosing one.
There are so many available my mind is mush. 😲

And why are they all called 'dash' cameras?

I want a cam that is going nowhere near my dashboard

It's going on my windscreen and that's the end of it.
Anyway, I have some prerequisites:
  • Full HD
  • Security Mode - records even the slightest touch of my Yeti when I'm not around
  • Has its own screen
  • GPS
Enough of ogling reviews  - I have made my choice:

The Pioneer VREC-170RS

easy installation pioneer dashcam

Click to view the Pioneer VREC-170RS dash camera on Amazon
I order it and it arrives fast.
This Pioneer dashcam has all the features I have listed above.
And some.

the best dash camera from pioneer?
One thing I really like:

the camera's ability to use Security Mode (recording in 60 second increments if it detects a slight bash) using its internal battery, which charges during normal usage

Meaning it doesn't need to draw from my Yeti's battery 24 hours a day, only when my ignition is on.
Let's install this beauty.
I will place it on the left side of my mirror.
And I put the safety strap that comes with the VREC-170RS around my mirror. Now the camera can never fall to the ground.

what is a dashcam safety strap for?
which side of mirror to put dash camera?
Now I need to tuck the Pioneer cable along my windscreen then down inside the A-pillar cover.

removing skoda yeti a-pillar cover
where to hide dash camera cable inside car?

Continuing to conceal the Pioneer cable, I turn right, towards my centre console

I use a stiff piece of wire to pull the Pioneer cable from behind the centre console and into it...

what connections do pioneer use for dash cameras?
Let's plug it in to the cigarette lighter socket and connect the VREC-170RS to its cable and see if anything happens...

EU laws about disconnecting your dash camera
Good times. πŸ˜€

best style of dash camera is stand alone
But of course, that is not the end of the story!

The VW Group decided that the cigarette lighter socket on my Yeti should be permanently live😑

Meaning my new Pioneer VREC-170RS dash camera will always be drawing power from my Yeti's battery.
No. No. And no.
I will cut the wires on the cigarette lighter socket and wire it directly to my fuse box.
I connect new wires to the lighter socket and feed them under my dash into my fuse box.
I have already bought a piggyback fuse because I knew I was going to do this...

where to use a piggy back fuse in car fuse box?
yeti rear wiper arm ignition live

Fuse No: 6 in the fuse box is for the Yeti's rear wiper arm - this is ignition live

Ignition not on = no power... perfect.
No CAN-bus errors to solve either.
So I remove the 15 amp rear wiper fuse and stick it in the piggyback fuse holder, along with a new 10 amp for the Pioneer dashcam.

use ignition live to connect dashcam
Crimp the piggyback fuse wire to the live I have coming from my cigarette lighter socket, then ground the earth from the cigarette socket and I am done.
Reversing camera coming soon to my yeti. πŸ‘

do not look at your reflection in mirror while driving
Thank you for visiting.
And feel free to stay tuned for more Yeti modifications I have planned.
Here's the Pioneer VREC-170RS dash camera if you want to check the price...

what are the best dash cameras?

Click to view the Pioneer VREC-170RS dash camera on Amazon
And if you need a piggyback fuse holder it's also available on Amazon

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I will get a small commission, although not every time.
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I thank you for your support.

View some short footage on the Skoda Yeti dot-net YouTube channel

dashcam footage of north bohemia

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